Hi! I'm Tiffany, wife to one, mother to four.

I started my actual Paleo journey in August of 2012. I had started it a year before, lost 22 pounds in six weeks and then started eating my SAD (Standard American Diet) again. I suffered from depression, fatigue, and gained all the weight back. 

One day, tired of feeling like I would be better off driving off a cliff than spending one more day feeling like that decided to give Paleo a try again. This time I did my research, read everything I could get my hands on and drove everyone crazy with how much I loved it.

In less than two weeks I had lost my belly that had been hanging over my pants for the last year, got up in the morning without an alarm or my kids begging me to get up and feed them and had more energy throughout the entire day. I can actually play with my kids now, exercise longer and harder and I am happy. That in itself is enough to not make me even want to eat a french fry, noodle or candy bar again. 

That mental switch was turned on and instead of paleo becoming just a quick fix diet, it turned into a way of life.

I am committed to not only getting and keeping myself healthy, but I am dragging my family along and beating them with my cave club if I get any resistance.

I love a challenge!

You can also find me at my site, Making the World Cuter
and my photography site Pumpernickel Buttons

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