Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner is a big deal in our family. 
We go to church at 10 and we don't get home until after one. 
Dinner has been slow cooking since that morning and we come home to all sorts of delicious smells coming from the kitchen. 
We grab a quick snack like fruit, a hard boiled egg or some cut up veggies after we change out of our Sunday best and into our comfy sweats. It's tradition.
We spend the next hour or two letting the kids play or color while we adults relax and chat about our plans for the week and just enjoying having absolutely nothing pressing to do.
Around four we gather in the dining room for a feast that rivals that of Thanksgiving. 
Today it is pot roast, our family favorite, it has been slowly roasting in the dutch oven with carrots and sweet potatoes until it is all juicy and tender and just falls apart with a stab of the fork.
Plenty to share with a couple of friends who stopped by. 
A big green salad topped with plenty of veggies and a bowl of blueberries from the farmers market this week  make the meal complete.
Tall glasses of ice water all around, and I don't know why, but water tastes better with Sunday dinner than with any other meal. Just one of those things.

Eating a paleo diet has not changed our Sunday dinner all that much. 
The only thing missing is the bowl of homemade dinner rolls and the occasional pot of rice. 
We always drank water with Sunday dinner, we always had lots of veggies and fruit and we always ate well and enjoyed this meal more than any other during the week. 
We still do. 

What meal traditions do you have? Have they changed since you started eating Paleo? In what way?

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