Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Kid's Favorite Paleo Egg Dishes

Sometimes eating Paleo can make you awfully sick of certain foods. 
Eggs come to mind, no?
Luckily not for my kids. 
They can eat eggs for every meal and never tire of them. They are picky about how they eat them for that particular meal though. 
It's funny, BP (before paleo) I was one of those moms who had boxes of cereal where the kids could reach them and bought smaller cartons of milk so that the older kids could easily pour it for themselves and the younger kids. 
Yup, totally couldn't be bothered with breakfast. Of course BP, I was depressed, exhausted and sometimes literally incapable of getting out of bed within an acceptable time frame for my kids to have me make breakfast. 
Now I'm an egg flippin' short order cook every morning. 
I'm making eggs anyway, might as well make them the way each kid likes them!
I get requests for just about every way to make eggs you can imagine, but these are the three that get asked for the most. 

Clockwise, left to right;
  1. Egg pizza. This is what the kids call it. It's basically an omelette that doesn't get folded. I have the perfect little egg frying pan that I cook all my eggs in, and it makes a personal pan pizza sized omelette for the kids. I get a mixing bowl add two eggs and then whatever veggie and/or meat that is in the fridge. Whip it with a fork, pour it in the pan and then when it starts to look done around the edges I flip it. I then put it on the plate and cut it with a pizza cutter. I cut everything for my kids with a pizza cutter-best device ever! Serve with a side of salsa or homemade ketchup for dipping.
  2. Scrambled. By far the most requested kind of eggs by all four of my munchkins. They like them with ketchup, I like them with hot sauce. Serve with a side of bacon and fruit and I don't know if you could make my kids happier for breakfast, (unless their naughty daddy brings home donuts!).
  3. Fried with Hollandaise. The hollandaise is a recipe from Everyday Paleo that's delicious. Served with asparagus and you have yourself a fancy little breakfast. This one is requested by my daughter a lot and I love making it for her because then I can make some for myself too!
What's your kid's favorite way to eat eggs?

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